About us

Royal Taxi Inc. has been providing transportation services to individuals and corporations for over 50 years. We take pride in our service and in evaluating the needs of our clients, thereby providing professional customer service.

  Vehicles and Drivers

  • All vehicles are licensed by ML&S
  • Drivers undergo training by the City and also receive in house refresher training at Royal
  • Royal carries an insurance policy of upto $5,000,000 on all general liability

  Technology Upgrades

  • New APP: Royal has upgraded to a brand new APP, in line with its new Dispatching Software. This APP is free and is available on both the Apple Store as well as the Google Play Store. Rides can be pre-arranged or booked for on-demand service. Choice of vehicles is available – regular taxis, vans, wheelchair accessible vans. Payment options are In-Vehicle and In-APP; either can be utilized based on the customer’s convenience. Click here for more info...
  • New Software: Royal has upgraded its Dispatch Centre software for better functionality between the in car devices and the Dispatchers. This will increase driver accountability, promote productivity and ideally reduce time order delays
  • New Phone Systems: Royal has invested in a brand new telephone system for the Dispatch Centre. It will be enhanced with special features like caller ID which will pre-populate the client's profile upon recognizing the phone number. The Forced Call feature will cut down on wait times experienced by callers. The idea is to increase productivity and improve the level of professionalism

  Royal's Value Added Benefits

  • 24 x 7 live Dispatch Centre
  • Dedicated phone line for Charge Accounts
  • Special Services Desk with a dedicated team of reservationists and Supervisor for all wheelchair accessible rides
  • Specialized paperless invoicing provided on a biweekly/monthly basis
  • Clients can view their invoices online
  • Competitive pricing/flat rates
  • Corporate Cards: Can be used in lieu of Taxi chits for staff. The invoicing is detailed and as per the clients specifications: individualized, department based, capped at a maximum limit, real time tracking of date, destinations, cost etc. This preempts any leakages and brings value to their current accounting needs
  • Gift Cards: Preloaded Royal Taxi branded gift cards can be used by clients, guests and/or staff and reloaded as and when the need arise
  • Auto Vouchers: Capability to personalize taxi chits/vouchers with prefilled destinations, date, flat rate etc.