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Client Testimonials

Dear Mr. Bastas,

Thank you for your generous support of the 4th Annual Future Leaders Summit.

Your support ensured that our guests were taken to and from the event without having to worry about transportation. It also ensured our guests could arrive home safely at the end of the evening.

The event was a huge success with close to 40 individuals attending the day's events which included talks by Miles Nadal, Michael Bregman, Andy Stein from Henry's Cameras, Joseph Mapa, President and CEO of Mount Sinai Hospital and David Armour, the CEO of the newly formed Canadian Olympic Foundation. The day ended with a celebratory dinner at Morton's Steakhouse.

Speakers shared their experiences in both the business and philanthropic world, and highlighted the importance of leadership in making a difference in their careers and the community.

Thank you for your contribution which helped to make this event possible for our members.

Very Best regards,
Andrew Miller

Good Morning Sir:

I wish to express my gratitude to Jim and John for their pleasant and professional manner when dealing with me as a customer. Iíve been traveling from Pickering to Mississauga over the past year and these two gentlemen provide me excellent customer service which makes them a great asset to your company.

Jim is always pleasant when I call dispatch and always accommodates my requests. He as well has followed up on pick ups to ensure Iím picked up on time by the various drivers.

John is the driver I mainly get for pick up and return and he is one of the nicest gentlemen you have on your staff that Iíve met. He always opens the car door for me, is always on time, provides good conversation on our hour trip and is very professional.

I hope you will share these commendations with them and tell them how much I appreciate doing business with them.

Sherry Gostlin

Feb 27/03/2008
Community Care of Kawartha Lakes

What a life saver Royal Taxi was for us! We are a non-profit organization based out of Lindsay Ontario. On Jan.24.08 at about 11:30am we had one of our wheelchair vans break down in Toronto. I called your wheel-trans division and you were able to pick-up our client and get him to his appointment.

Thanks so much!

Attention Spiros:
I would like to bring your attention to one of your drivers. His name is Peter and his number is 1944. Last Sunday morning; Feb 23rd my granddaughter took a cab from Toronto East General Hospital after finishing her nighttime shift. The weather was bad and road conditions prevented me getting out in my own vehicle to pick her up. Unknown to here, she had accidentally left her wallet in the taxi. Peter found the wallet and contacted my daughter in another city to inform her that he had found it, and called her, as it was the only number available in the wallet. My daughter called my granddaughter to let her know and it was only then that my granddaughter realized what she had done. Later that day, it was unfortunate that no one was at home when Peter called to deliver the wallet. Not only did he return same, he called my daughter back to make sure we got it.

This kind of action speaks a lot for your employee, Peter and your company. The attributes of courtesy, honesty, and integrity are hard to come by these days. Please accept our sincere thanks for this deed and arrange to give Peter the enclosed as a token of our appreciation.

D Campbell
118 Canlish Road
Scarborough, Ont, M1P 1S9
Driver 2507 Commendation

March 28, 6.30 AM.

Just wanted Royal Management to know that Car 2507 is a safe driver and made his passenger have a very wonderful ride. She has her own car, but when she gets her migraines - then she can't drive her car so she calls Royal. She also said that she is loyal customer, who would never think of calling anyone else for service. She commented that car number 2507 is especially considerate to his customers, she said and wants management to be aware of this.

Barb. W.

Mr. Spiros Bastas
General Manager, Royal Taxi
620 Wilson Avenue, Suite 100
North York, Ontario
M3K 1Z3

Dear Mr. Bastas:
I wish to relate a favorable experience I had recently.
On Saturday, August 23rd my husband was released from Toronto East General Hospital. When I phoned Royal Taxi I requested they send someone sufficiently capable of helping my husband, as I could not manage on my own. The driver, whose name is Shahid, was extremely kind and sensitive in driving home slowly and assisted my husband into the house.
This gentlemen is to be commended and , if all your drivers are of this quality, you are to be congratulated on operating a very successfully taxi service.
Yours truly,
Ita Thompson

To Whom It May Concern:
On Christmas eve, at approximately 6 P.M a cab was dispatched to 15 Lambton Ave. Our destination was 168 Scarlett Rd. During the ride over the driver was very courteous and pleasant. Upon arrival at our destination, my husband paid the cab driver and we got out; the driver drove off and then we, my husband and I were in the elevator heading to the 16th floor when he realized his wallet was gone. As soon as we got into the apartment, I immediately called back to Royal (who we always use). Needless to say we were both devastated and terribly upset.

The operator who took my call must have realized the urgency and dismay in my voice. She asked me for my home phone number and shortly afterwards she called me back to let us know that the driver was on a call but would come back to Scarlett Rd with the wallet.
I want to tell you know how very much we appreciated the honesty and efficiency of your company and to give our heartfelt thanks to the driver and the helpful operator. In my utter confusion I neglected to ask their names; please make them aware of how grateful we are. It is so rare to find honest people in this day and age. So thank you again and rest assured I will sing the praises of the Royal Cab Company to anyone.

Thank you so much,
Mr. & Mrs. Doug MacArthur
168 Lambton Ave.
"January 15, 2004

Dear Mr. Bastas,

Dec. 19th was my 50th birthday. My husband and friends got together for a wonderful surprise party!! As we left RCYC (yacht club) and headed back to the Royal York where we were staying, Mr. Taz, car# 394 was one of the taxis we used. By mistake we left a very large bag of gifts, wine and champagne, a very special memory book that had been made for me and 3 CD's that had been put together of pictures of my life. Many of those things could not be replaced! We were so upset and spent the next couple of hours calling taxi companies in Toronto to no avail. 

Then Mr. Taz found our package in his trunk! He remembered picking up people who seemed to have come from a party and returned to the Royal York. Of his own accord, Mr. Taz called the Royal York and asked if they had someone with the name "Heather" registered. (That is my name and it was written on the birthday cards.) He called us, said he had the bag and delivered it to the hotel on Dec 20th. You can imagine how happy and relieved we were! Everything was there!! Mr. Taz could have kept it all but he chose to do the right thing. He went above and beyond the call of duty when he looked for us, all on his own! 

We wrote Mr. Taz directly and left it with the Bellman at the Royal York (we hope he got the note!), but I wanted to let you know what a wonderful fellow he was that night! We salute him and thank him for his help and kindness! We wanted you as his employer to know just how much we appreciated his efforts to make sure that he returned our "precious" bag.
Sincerely, Heather Conyers."

Anne Marie Lorusso

Last night at about 11.30pm, I got out of taxi #1605 at College and Clinton St and just as the cab drover away, I realized that I had lost my cell phone. I knew I had it when I got in the car, so when I realized it was gone, I knew I must have dropped it in the cab. Unfortunately, as the cab drove away, there were a few in sight and I didn't know which one I got out of, so I couldn't call your dispatch center to alert the driver. I got in another cab and went home to cancel my phone and tried to call it in hopes that whoever found it would be kind and return it, but knew that in all likelihood, I would never see it again. To my surprises after repeatedly calling the phone, that was in vibrate mode, the driver had found it after searching for the strange sound coming from the inside of his car. I asked to bring it back to me and he did. I am writing to you to express the gratitude and to let you know that it is a pleasure to know that there are still kind and honest people like your driver #1605. I don't know anyone who has recovered a lost cell phone before, so that makes this story more unbelievable. I wanted to be sure that you knew that you such a valuable driver worthy of recognition. 

Kind Regards, 
Anne Marie Lorusso

Dear Mr. Levy,
On behalf of our patients at St. John's Rehabilitation Hospital, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to you and everyone at Royal Taxi, for your assistance and cooperation during the SARS outbreak in dropping off our patients at the East Side Agnew Entrance and the West Side Beatty Entrance. As we are no longer affected by SARS, we would like to request that the admitting entrance be the only pick-up and drop-off area for patients who are traveling by Royal Taxi.

Please kindly inform your staff of this change.
Thank you very much for your attention to this matter. 
Kitty Liu
Public Affairs

From Ms. Robson

Ms. Robson whose son is blind, called into our call center and with the following comments about Taxi Driver #1137. Royal Taxi cab driver, #1137 is a wonderful and courteous driver. She described him as very polite to and further commented that the he provided them very good service by helping her out with her son who is blind. 

Dear Sir or Madam,

On September 13th, 2003 the Toronto Cricket Club called for cabs to return guests from a wedding reception to their homes and hotels. The taxicab that was given to use was a Royal Taxi and we asked to go to the NoVotel Hotel in North York.

The time that we left the Toronto Cricket Club on Wilson Avenue was about 2.30am on the Sunday morning. We has a pleasant conversation with the driver who spoke excellent English abut seemed have a eastern European background. 

The next morning we discovered that we were missing our digital camera. We could not remember where we had left it and though it was either at the Cricket Club or had been left in the cab. Friends told that if had left it in the cab the chances of finding it were very low. So when we discovered it was not at the Cricket Club we were quite despondent. You cannot imagine how happy we were when checking at the hotel to find that our camera had been handed in at the front desk. Your driver on finding the camera left on the back seat has returned to the hotel and handed it in to the front desk. 

Whatever his name, he is a credit to your company and we have, based on his actions, told all our Toronto friends what an excellent experience we had with your company. Advertising like this is priceless. If from your records you can tell the name of this driver then we would appreciate if you could let us know his name so that we can thank him.

Yours truly,
Mr. E.F. Green


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