In this day and age where taxis can be booked instantly by the tap of a phone screen or hopped in on the side of any street; people commonly forget about what to look for in a taxi company to provide the best possible experience. Using a reliable taxi service can build trust and prevent complications in day-to-day life such as lateness and overspending. At Royal Taxi, we believe in delivering quality and reliability, therefore we will always provide our customers with the best service we possibly can. To help you choose the best possible taxi service, we have provided you with the main things you should look for when choosing a taxi service and why to consider Royal Taxi


At Royal Taxi, you are our #1 priority. Our focus is on providing you the safest and most reliable transportation services delivered by our highly trained and dedicated drivers. Royal Taxi is proud of its history of serving Toronto’s residents and visitors. Our vehicles are clean and well maintained. Our drivers’ dedication to customer service excellence is second to none. We appreciate you selecting Royal Taxi to service your transportation needs. We will strive to continue to warrant having your trust and business.


Our call centre features a state-of-the-art fully computerized system that uses GPS technology to allocate calls to the closest vehicle in a fair and timely manner.

Each cab is equipped with mobile data terminals to ensure that all drivers receive the complete call information accurately and quickly, so they can get to you faster.


Royal Taxi has one of the largest fleets of accessible vehicles in the Greater Toronto Area. We provide over 40,000 trips every month to customers with special needs.

Each of our drivers have completed training on how to provide safe and courteous service to passengers who utilize accessible vehicles for their travel needs. Their training includes utilizing safe driving practices, the proper handling and securement of mobility devices, such as wheelchairs and walkers as well as being sensitive to the needs of our passengers.


Royal Taxi takes a great deal of pride in providing the most reliable, professional and safest transportation services in the Greater Toronto Area. This declaration is based on the stringent skills and customer service training that both Royal Taxi drivers and staff need to complete. Our goal continues to be #1 in delivering transportation services.

In addition to having a family of highly skilled Royal Taxi drivers and staff, we also recognize the absolute need for safety. Royal Taxi drivers and staff know how to safely deliver transportation services, which not only includes being able to efficiently and effectively respond to various needs and circumstances which may arise, but also ensure that our vehicles and equipment are constantly well maintained.



HST included in fare. One to four passengers.

  • For the first .143 kilometer, or part thereof, $4.25.
  • For each additional .143 kilometer, or part thereof, $0.25.
  • For each twenty-nine (29) seconds of waiting time while under engagement, $0.25.
  • For each additional passenger in excess of four $2.00.


HST included in fare.

  • Wheelchairs, including loading and unloading by driver, no charge.
  • Charges for trunks and other items shall be agreed upon before commencement of trip.
  • For delivery of any parcel, document, or item, where no passenger is carried, minimum charge per trip, $10.00.
  • There is a $10 premium for van service. (not applicable to accessible vehicles)

If meter is not on, the ride is free.

Pre-approved flat rates to the airport are available. Ask driver for the rate sheet. The meter rate will apply if less than the flat fee.

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